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Contáctenos para programar un tiempo para discutir las necesidades de su hijo

 "En nuestra clínica, los niños no se definen por su diagnóstico. Son guiados por terapeutas a través de un lenguaje desafiante e interacciones sociales en un entorno seguro y acogedor donde se respeta su identidad individual. No buscamos cambiar a su hijo, sino liberar sus habilidades. "


Amy Hoeweler-Pedoto             presidente


Now Enrolling: 

Morning and afternoon 1:1 ABA Therapy, 9-3 pm available in August

Questions to ask when interviewing an ABA provider:

  • Can I observe a therapy session?

  • Can I review my child's data and records?

  • How often does the BCBA modify programing?

  • How often does the BCBA supervise the therapist while the child is present?

  • Is the BCBA located in the vicinity or remote?

  • Is data collected daily? Is a visual display of data used to drive the BCBA's decision making? Are cumulative graphs kept and shared with caregivers?

  • Is there a mode to communicate an accurate picture to caregivers of what each session of therapy looks like daily (ABC data, progress toward goals, prompts used, fading of prompts, interventions used, error corrections, and a plan moving forward)?

  • Ask how the agency handles escape extinction and if they prioritize kindness in their delivery of service

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